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"My clients can expect a fun experience, quality products, amazing customer service with great communication"

-Denny Ramirez 







Collections starting at $249

usb  •  prints  •  keepsake box  •  album

Go ahead and start getting cozy because you will enjoy every bit of this experience!


We typically like our clients to contact Boudie Den | JDR Photography via email at or call/text (919)-885-8746 for a pre-consultation. This will help us see if we can deliver what your are looking for! A phone call would really help ease any nerves you may have. Ask us anything! Know that you are in good hands. We want you to feel completely comfortable to ask anything. Relax and have the peace of mind that we are not here to judge, but to spoil you with a dream boudoir photoshoot. Our goal is to empower women and help them realize how beautiful they are in a different perspective. 


Pre-Shoot Prep

We want to make sure we tailor your session to be the dream photo shoot! A questionnaire will be emailed to you with your Welcome Email after you have booked a session. Filling out this form will help us understand your inspirations for doing a boudoir photoshoot. 


We love it when our clients share images they like! If there is time, create a Pinterest board that shows us photos that you are drawn to. If you don't have time, no worries -- We will have tons of poses in mind that we know will look flattering on you!

Day of the Shoot
60 minutes of professional makeup (if included)

60 minutes of shooting

15 minute break ( while we upload your pictures)

30 minute same-day viewing/ordering

Bring  a suitcase full of options! We will help you decide. 

When you arrive to the studio, we want you to start getting cozy. You will be given a tour through the studio to check out the different sets we have. After hair and make-up application we will start photographing! Be sure to receive head-to-toe instructions for each pose! Try to let loose and let your sensuality shine through, we are all beautiful in our own way and we are all so unique! No other person is like you. So, show the camera who YOU are and have fun with it! It's normal to start a little shy but most of our clients have expressed how easy it was to feel comfortable after the first few shots. This is a judge free studio that encourages self love and self-confidence. Do whatever makes you happy... to spoil yourself,  because you deserve it, because you want to. 

After the photoshoot we will break for about 15 minutes while you get dressed into comfy cloths we will be uploading your images to view! You will get to view all the photos and choose your collection the same day!

Special Delivery 

Denny will personally deliver your final order within 3 weeks after the package has been paid in full. Let us know if you need your package by a specific time and we will do our best to make it happen. 


Book Online.
Plan Your Dream Shoot.
Arrive ready to be pampered...

Choose favorites same day and pay for your desired package.
Receive all products within 3 weeks!


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